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Sherwood History in Manganese

Kitso Manganese Mine

Kitso Mine, previously known as Lohatlha Mine, was previously owned by Samancor Limited and has been continuously mined since 1922. The mine was acquired by Kitso in 2007 and production has developed since then. The mine now produces up to 1.2m tons of medium-grade high-iron manganese ore per annum which it supplies mainly to the Chinese markets. Kitso is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sherwood Mineral Resources Limited.


Kitso is acknowledged by its clients for producing on-grade on-time ore for the past 14 years.

The mine has a proven reserve of 22m tons and an indicated reserve of 74m tons. The mine also holds approximately 11m tons of medium grade (+28%) fines.


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Sherwood Mineral Resources Limited

In 2019 Sherwood saw a need to produce a value-added manganese product and identified the manganese sulphate market as a growing one, with particular growth potential in the electric vehicle battery and mass-storage battery markets. A 125,000-ton capacity plant, with a capital investment of US$190m, will commence construction in 2024. 

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