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Environmental Impact

Sherwood is conscious of our environmental footprint in the production of essential metals for battery manufacture. Sherwood is erecting a 4.8 MW bulk storage solar and battery farm at an estimated cost of US$10m. This facility will allow Sherwood to only draw power from the State Power Utility during off-peak hours. The plant will consist of battery packs housed in 20 shipping containers. The Northern Cape Province has an annual average UV index of 15 and already operates numerous large-scale solar plants. The power facility will save an estimated 10,131 tons of CO2 per annum.

The plant will not use calciners in the process thus reducing the carbon footprint of the business. Additionally, sulphur dioxide and sulphuric acid will be produced on-site thus dramatically reducing the logistics footprint of the plant. A further 4,200 tons per annum of carbon emmission will be saved by reducing the logistics footprint. Grid power will only be used as back-up power.

All production tailings are neutralized, before being placed in the tailings storage facility and then transported as back-fill to the mine thus assisting with mine rehabilitation responsibilities. An investigation into the possibility of producing iron phosphate from the iron tailings will be conducted.
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